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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Why the Green Party Can Win the 2015 General Election

Win the general election? The Green Party? An outrageous claim, but I will show you why it is true.
Never has this country been so disillusioned with politics. Never have we been so ripe for a revolutionary change. In my lifetime, voter turnout for general elections has shrunk dramatically, especially among the young. We used to consider it our duty to vote, but the British Social Attitudes survey shows that Russell Brand in his notorious New Statesman edition had a point about revolution. Now is the time for revolution, and the Green Party is that revolution.

Why the Green Party?

Vote for Policies is an independent social enterprise run by volunteers who want to make politics be about policies, not personalities. This survey website was created for the 2010 general election and compares the policies in the manifestos of the six main parties. Look at these astonishing results.


A Landslide Victory

More than a quarter, more than 100,000 of the 400,000 people who took this survey found out that the Green Party was how they should vote. In all the post codes I've checked, every constituency had the Green Party in the lead. That is proof of a national, widespread undercurrent of belief in the Green Party that, with the current unfair 1st past the post voting system, would, irony of ironies, result in a landslide victory for the Green Party. That is what the numbers say.

Why don't the polls show this?

The polls try to predict the election result by asking a small number of people how they intend to vote. This voter intention is based on many factors; voting habit, tactical voting, track record, media coverage, leader personality, and even manifesto policies. So policies are only part of the picture. Clearly we in the Green Party need to emphasise our policies because they are so popular. Our manifesto pledges will turn voters away from the old parties and get them voting Green. That is what the numbers say.

Belief and Hope

Even among my Green Party activist friends, far too many only hope to keep our deposit at the coming general election. It's time to raise our sights and know we can win. Caroline Lucas has shown us that winning is possible. She had very strong local support that took time to build. We haven't got time to build that sort of support. We need a national surge before the election. Only spreading our infectious believe in victory will make it a self-fulfilling prophesy. There is a reservoir of support out there that just needs to be released. That is what the numbers say.


How do we get the message across when the national media give the Green Party hardly any coverage? The answer has to be social media. I'm convinced that the difference that elected Molly Scott Cato as Green MEP for the South West region, just nudging the Lib Dems out of power by 6,000 extra votes, was social media. More coverage of Green Party successes, shared with our social media contacts, will get the message out there, that we are a mature party with the winning habit. This will build a virtuous circle of support creating more success creating more support. Voting intention will move in favour of the Green Party, and be reflected in conventional polls. That will trigger the landslide.

Our current membership is greater than UKIP was in 2011. If the UKIP phenomenon can happen in our stodgy system, then so can a Green Party phenomenon. We have to believe that it's possible. It's no good aiming low. If we want to win we have to believe we can win. The GP membership is growing rapidly. I truly believe that it is possible to form a Green Party government at the 2015 general election.


  1. Bloody right Martin. Fantastic blog. Everyone's a Green really; they just don't know it. Lets help convince them.

  2. So, why did it not happen in 2010?
    Greetings from Planet Earth.

  3. Count Gregorio D'Esterhazy29 August 2014 at 17:52

    Excellent blog Martin! You and I are very much on the same wavelength.
    I tend to work to the truism stated by Dr Norman Vincent Peale in his 1930's book: "The Power of Positive Thinking" in which he says: "If you think you can..........you can! But if you think you can't...........you can't! Either way, you will be right".
    This thought helped me (quite often single-handedly) to build the local South Devon Green Party from around 30 members in early 2008 to 440 members by May 2010.


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